Storage Units

Coordinating your move from one location to another can be difficult. If you cannot get access to your new home or office right away, a storage facility is an excellent choice to make your move stress-free. You may decide to pack your belongings yourself and use the services from a company that offers a storage pod for ease of transport, or you may use a full-service moving service that has storage facilities of their own.

Types of Storage Facilities

  • Storage PODS
    When doing your own packing, you can rent a portable storage POD, a storage container that is parked at your location. You can take your time filling and unloading it when you reach your destination. Whether moving across town, or across the country, you pack the container and a storage POD company will deliver it to your new home or office, or even to a storage facility of your choosing.
  • Self-Storage Units
    If you need to store your household or business belongings short-term or long-term and are using a moving truck or you hired a moving company to transport your belongings, find a secure and accessible self storage unit that suits your needs. Self-storage spaces offer a safe and clean environment to store your possessions, and most usually allow 24-hour access to your goods. For a monthly fee, you can store your items for as long as you need to and be sure they are protected.
  • Moving Company Storage Facilities
    Full-service moving companies offer affordable storage facilities to meet your relocation needs. Most of these movers offer large warehouses that house your possessions until you are ready for the moving company to deliver them to your new home or office.

How to Find the Best Storage Facility

Picking the right storage unit for your particular move depends on the moving service you are using. If you choose to pack yourself at an easy pace, choosing a storage POD solution is perfect for you. You can take your time packing each room and stacking your POD container as you go. Then, the storage POD company will deliver your possessions to your new location, where you can then take your time unloading as you move into your new dwelling.

Renting your own moving truck for a do-it-yourself move? Renting a self-storage unit may by the best solution for you. Simply pack your belongings into the unit and lock the doors!

Using a full-service moving company? They will transport your possessions to their large storage facility, and then move it to your new home or office when you are ready. You can trust that your belongings are safe and secure until you need them. Get more information about storage services, then find the perfect storage unit at!