Moving Truck Rental

Are you planning on moving yourself and renting a moving truck? Enlisting the help of your friends and family to help you move can certainly speed up the process! Make your move stress-free by shopping for just the right moving truck rental for your particular relocation needs. Do you need a large truck to move heavy furniture and appliances? Would a small moving van be more appropriate for moving across town? Keep in mind that choosing a moving truck that is right for your move can save you a great deal of time and money.

Types of Moving Truck Rentals

  • Small Moving Vans
    Moving just a few items to a new apartment or office? A small van may be all you need to for a local move. Loading all items in the moving van for one trip across town makes the process quick and easy.
  • City Truck
    Driving yourself or your college student to a new location? Maybe just across town or into the next state? This is a larger moving truck used to carry furniture and boxes, which can be rented with same-day return or drop-off, in another city.
  • Straight Trucks
    Preparing for a long distance move across country? Moving an entire household or large office? You can rent large straight trucks to accomplish your large move in one load.
  • Stake Truck Rental
    Moving a large piece of equipment, or a vehicle? A stake truck can help you move large, heavy objects efficiently.
  • Tractor and Trailer Rentals
    Tractor and trailer rentals are for those large corporate moves when you need a fleet of trucks, or when you are transporting commercial goods.
  • Refrigerated Trucks
    Refrigerated trucks keep your food cargo safe and fresh during interstate moves.

How to Find the Best Moving Truck Rental

Whether you’re moving across town, into the next state, or across the country, research both local and interstate moving truck rental companies. Local truck rental companies are often independently owned and operated agencies that specialize in renting out trucks for local moving needs only. Usually, you pick up the truck and return it to the same location. Local moving truck rentals typically charge by the day, and are a cost-efficient choice for a nearby relocation.

If you’re relocating to another state or moving across the country, an interstate moving truck rental is your best bet. These national chain companies off coverage across the country, and make it convenient to return the moving truck to a location once you reach your destination. Even if your move is local, an interstate moving truck rental may still be affordable, since these companies can offer larger trucks from their fleet to suit your specific needs.

Finding moving truck rentals to suit your needs is easy right here on Compare moving services that offer everything from a small moving van to a large fleet of tractors and trailers, and start to save. When shopping for the best moving truck rental for your relocation, keep in mind that choosing just the right moving truck will ensure that your belongings are transported in the safest manner. Be sure to check with the moving truck rental company for their insurance coverage offerings. You want to be protected when you choose to move and drive yourself!