International Movers

International movers help people transport their office and household goods overseas. International regulations differ from country to country, so it’s best to hire an overseas moving company experienced in coordinating overseas moves to ensure the process goes smoothly. For the most part, your items are shipped internationally via freight ships, which depart the United States from major ports like those in Long Beach, Houston, and New Jersey. Although corporate relocation and house moving is possible by airplane is possible, it is most likely too expensive for the vast majority of Americans.

International Shipping Options

For the most part, international moving companies will provide two methods of shipping your furniture overseas: shipping them via a pallet, or via a container. Shipping items on a pallet is the cheapest way to move them overseas, though there are several distinct downsides. Primarily, pallet shipping is only suitable for small households and apartments with relatively few goods. Not to mention, pallets are usually shrink wrapped and generally will not offer much in the way of protection. Usually, items on a pallet can be stacked up to four or five high, though certain freight ships may make exceptions. Regardless, these pallets will be lifted with a forklift and placed in a shipping container for the duration of the voyage.

On the other hand, container shipping is one of the most common and secure methods of moving internationally, though it is considerably more expensive. You can rent or purchase a cargo shipping container, of which there are two basic sizes: 20 foot and 40 foot in length. A 20 foot shipping container is more than adequate for the majority of international shipments. Not to mention, they are fairly secure, as you can provide your own padlocks to safeguard your items. Also, most international moving companies allow overseas shipping containers to be used for car transport. Keep in mind, most freight ships will charge you a fee for the time spent loading and unloading your container. Also, the international moving service you hire must pay attention to weight distribution when loading a container, as unevenly packed containers may be subject to damage during transport.

Do Your Own Research

While international movers may promise to handle all the paperwork involved when you’re moving overseas, it is definitely beneficial to do your own research. There are many complications with corporate relocations and household moves overseas, especially to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Certain items, including electronics, food, and even books may be banned for import in some countries. Expect to pay fairly sizable tariffs on all goods you ship – especially if you plan on importing them permanently.

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