Full Service Office Movers

Corporate relocation is an extensive job that takes careful planning and plenty of time. Full service office movers can help companies pack, move and unpack their office supplies to speed up the moving process. If your company doesn’t have the necessary packing supplies, including boxes, packaging tape, protective wrap and blankets, full-service business moving companies can also provide corporate moving supplies at an additional cost.

Corporate Moving Services and Packing Tips

Most companies allow employees to pack their basic office items themselves. To safely pack your office equipment and supplies, make sure to:

  • Always pack infrequently used items first. Ensure that full service corporate movers put these boxes in the back of the truck, as they are the last that need to be unpacked.
  • Pack boxes efficiently and ensure they are fairly secure. However, avoid overpacking boxes, especially with heavy items, as these boxes may fall apart during transit. Broken office supplies can be fairly costly, so always handle expensive office equipment with care.
  • Don’t forget to use packing paper, packaging peanuts and protective wrap. Fragile items made of glass should always be packed with packing paper or peanuts. Protective wrap is a great way to prevent office furniture from being scratched or dented while on the moving truck.
  • Don’t try to move the heaviest items yourself. Let the professionals do the job they have been hired to do.

Once the boxes have been adequately packed, seal them with a strong packaging tape. Never fold down the box top – this method rarely stays put while being handled by hasty movers. Always label the owner of every box, their department, and provide a brief description of the contents. Never give too many specific details about the items in a box, as thieves have and will target moving companies.

Always try to provide full-service office movers with the most accurate total weight of the items you are moving. This can mean the difference between renting the right sized moving truck, or having to rent a second moving vehicle. Finally, inform the business moving company of any specialty items, including grand pianos, pool tables, or other exceptionally heavy or large objects, before the moving date, to verify they have the equipment to move these items safely.

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